Monday, October 25, 2004

why i call them bush-shits

So I'm driving home tonight in my little, modest Nissan Sentra with 1 Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker and one of those "W with the red line through it bumper stickers". Not garish or rude or anything. Anyway, my ride home involves a long stretch of street. I turn left on to the road and the car behind me pulls up right behind my bumper and starts flashing it's high beams. I should mention it was a Lexus SUV. The jerk is tailing me and being an ass. I'm going slow, because I know I'm coming up to a light and I could see it was red. So I take my foot of the accelerator. Fool has to go around me. And as they pass, I take a look. No less than THREE Bush/Cheney signs in their windows. Their windows!!! Stickers all over their bumper. The fool in the passenger seat started waving a sign out the window as the driver opens the sun roof and flips me the finger.
I wish I was making any of this up.
And that is the reason their side is going to lose next week. Rampant arrogance and rudeness.

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Mark H. Foxwell said...

Yep, some of them do stuff like that. I live in a very blue zone myself, Sonoma County, California. That's why I'm going to Nevada this weekend till Tuesday night, to make a difference there. Outside the Dem HQ on the streets of Santa Rosa (right across from the downtown mall) I was on the sidewalk when this dude in a real big rugged-type pre-SUV thing (the ones that look like giant jeeps, we have a lot of them here) and demanded to know who I was voting for. He was in the lanes on the other side of the street (4-lane street) and I'm hard of hearing but he bellowed loud enough for me to understand him then. I tersely answered "Kerry" and he screamed out something incoherent about hippies.

I should explain my hair is kind of long. Actually I'd had it shortened a bit, but still long.

This week when I committed to go to NV I decided to shorten it some more. I still might look like a hippie to some people (the resemblence was no accident!) but less so. The lady who cut my hair got to talking politics with me. She, like other working people I dealt with, was glad I could go and wished she could. (I worked for a disabled person who was my partner and boss for nearly 16 years, but she died earlier this month. I don't know if she and I would have gone to Nevada but we would have been doing something helpful. But right now I have no new job yet. So I have this freedom.) Anyway she said that the Republicans that came into her place were all mean--out there with rude comments about other people.

Clearly there is something deeply dysfunctional in our society today, and clearly the R's are suffering from a truly fascistic fever.