Wednesday, February 09, 2005

advice, please

So, I'm buying a new computer. And no, it's not a Mac.
I'm sticking with Dell. My current computer is a 7 year old machine that has been wonderful to me.
But now it's time for more.
Anyway, here's my question. How am I going to get the stuff from my old hard drive onto my new hard drive?
I don't want to get someone else to do it. Last time I did that, all my email, all my bookmarks and about half my documents disappeared.
The old machine has a floppy drive, a zip drive and a ubs port.
The new machine is not going to be configured with a floppy.
What do I do?


t said...

Buy a flash drive. It's really pretty easy. You can get them in different sizes: 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 get the idea. Find out how much stuff you have on your hard drive THAT YOU WANT TO SAVE. Remember, your new pc will probably come pre-loaded with software so you don't need to save everything on your old hard drive, just stuff YOU want. Like files of old pics and movies. Once you've figured out how many MB of stuff you need to transfer, buy a flash drive in the right storage size. Plug it in a USB port in your old pc. The pc should recognize it and a window will open and give you easy instructions. When it's full, pull it out and plug it in your new pc.

shayera said...

thanks! just what i needed.

t said...

Glad I could help. They also sometimes go by the name "jump drive". I was at Wal-Mart today and saw a 128 MB one for $28.88. And that's not on sale. I think I've seen 512 MB ones go for under $40 on sale at other places.