Sunday, February 06, 2005

there's always next year!

Okay, so I was wrong. But dude, come on, three points is great.
I have faith for next year. This one was a learning experience.
Next year they'll be settled and absolutely ready.

Okay, I also have to add that New England played really well and showed that they are a poised and polished team that plays together extremely well. Today they were the better team.


ntodd said...

I wouldn't have minded if the Iggles had won. I rooted for them back in 1980. Regardless, it was quite a good game--any Super Bowl that keeps me from going home in the third quarter is excellent.

shayera said...

i have to root for the iggles because of Donovan McNabb (grew up in syracuse, don't you know). my loyalty is always to a team smart enough to pick a player from su.
last year i rooted for new england. next year i'll hope for a replay with a different outcome. but it was a good game. i think the iggles just need to work out the jitters.