Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday Catblogging: Percy's Revenge

I'm allergic to cats. This is Percy. Percy belongs to my friend Emily. Percy hates me. Percy is soft and squishy. And he sheds. He'll let me pet him into a near coma. By then fur is flying everywhere. I'm sneezing and my eyes are tearing and my nose is itching. Today he tried to bite me. But I love him anyway. Sad isn't it?


ntodd said...

We always hurt the ones we love. Er something.

shayera said...

percy does not love me. his brother duncan likes me. percy sees me as a petter he can torture. i petted him at 7:30 at night and it's now almost 11:30 and my eyes are still red and bloodshot.

t said...

My sister-in-law has always had cats - always more than one - and she's allergic, too. She just loves cats, that's all. I guess she could go get de-sensitized to her allergy but she's too cheap to have a doctor do that. It's much more cost efficient to sneeze your head off, I guess.