Wednesday, March 23, 2005

In honor of Aquaria and Athenae: Thursday hunk blogging AND Happy Democrat Picture

good times! Posted by Hello


t said...

That's a nice photo. But I just hate to be reminded of "things that might have been".


shayera said...

I need all the cheering up I can get this week. It still makes me happy.

ntodd said...

so long as decent people still exist, we have a shot of fixing things.

shayera said...

a slight corollary to your comment NTodd: decent people willing to stand up.

t said...

After the November election, no one couldn't have been as unhappy as my wife. Once she settled down, she said "No matter how things are now, our society goes in cycles. Liberal ideas will return. But it will take a few more years. Until people get tired of this - and they will - we'll have to put up with this a while longer."

She's right.

I just hope the damage our country sustains is reversible.