Saturday, March 19, 2005

innocent or plotting? you decide.

Look at me, tossing all the rules! Oh yeah, babyblogging on Saturday! I'm a rebel!
This is my nephew. Or as I refer to him; "world's cutest, most adorable baby."tm
According to the date stamp on the picture, he was a week old when that picture was taken.
You tell me, is he smiling innocently? Or is he plotting something?


ntodd said...

You can't change the rules! Why, that could lead to...anarchy! And it looks like your nephew would like that... ;-)

shayera said...

oh yeah, can't stop me! i'm drunk with power on this, the first day of spring!
i may even post a picture later that will probably put an end to the speculation that the kid is trying to rule the world.
i'm on the edge baby!