Friday, March 11, 2005

scratch one Republican, find another just like him

Calif. Gov. 'News' Videos Cause a Stir

What a shock! The Gropinator using good old George's tactics.


t said...

Doesn't surprise me in the least. I think there's a lot of news stories out there that are fake. Remember Madalyn Toogood, who was caught on an outside grocery store security camera allegedly striking her child who was sitting on the rear seat of her car? I remember watching the video clip c a r e f u l l y and she never touched the child! She was either striking in the air or brushing the seat. I caught a glimpse of the child (I think it was a little girl) moments later and not only was she not upset in the least, she actually wiggled her butt in the seat and bounced herself up and down somewhat to straighten her seating position & buckled her seatbelt. What kind of a name is Toogood, anyway? Toogood? Too-good? C'mon....fake name. All choreographed to warn people not to abuse their children.

ntodd said...

If we can't believe what we see on TV, what can we believe?