Wednesday, March 16, 2005

too sad for snark

Report: Many Died in U.S. Custody in War

I actually thought about making a snarky comment about 7 bad apples and how busy they must have been. But, damn, this is just too sad and horrible to be glib about.


t said...

At the time, the guards (or whoever) were probably feeling some kind of euphoric rush of adrenalin while they tortured their prisoners to death at their commander's orders. I wonder if someday when they're more mature they'll feel deep remorse for what they did and go through a lot of psychological problems.

shayera said...

the administration has done nothing what so ever to protect the people they sent over. all that the admin has done is cover their asses. "wasn't our fault, those kids did it on their own." yeah right. i'm not being at all facetious when i say that in the futire we are going to see hundreds if not thousands of gulf war vets having problems readjusting to civilian lives. it's truly tragic.