Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Officer disciplined for stopping doctor on way to birth

This officer is an idiot. If the man says he's a doctor, presents identification verifying that he is a doctor, calls the hospital for you to verify that he is on the way to the delivery, what are you doiing putting him in handcuffs?
I love this quote as well:

According to records released Monday from an internal police investigation, when the doctor explained he was going to a delivery, the officer allegedly asked if he was delivering a pizza and later said, "If you're a doctor, I'm Mickey Mouse or Joe Blow."

What? Why would you say something like that? And what if something had happened to the woman who was in labor?


t said...

"Took him to the maternity ward in handcuffs"

Why? Did he plan to lock him up there?

"...has agreed to an unpaid suspension for lack of judgment."

Should be "lack of brains"

What an idiot.

ntodd said...

To protect and serve...