Friday, April 22, 2005

and the whitewash continues

Army Clears Top Abu Ghraib Case Officers

"Abuse? What abuse? We don't know nothing about no abuse!"
"What do you mean there was abuse in Afghanistan and Guantanemo?" "Not our problem."

So I'm watching SciFi Friday, the proper blogger thing to do on Friday nights, of course. And I see a PSA recommending that pregnant women avoid smoking.
Then I turn on my computer and the first story I see is the one I linked to in this post.
I imagine all the smoke the govenment's been blowing up all our asses cannot be good for us either.

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t said...

There's one thing worse than NOT doing an investigation of this kind at all: doing a pretend-investigation and letting on like it was real and thorough.

"You didn't do anything wrong, Lieutenant General're free to go."

How insulting to the American public.