Thursday, April 14, 2005


Hey! Did you know I work for the City of Los Angeles?!?!?
Did you know that LAPD officers are also City of Los Angeles employees?
I'm writing this post at 11:20 P.M. I came home this evening at 9:45 to find my house had been broken into. A few pieces of jewelry are missing. My underwear drawer has been touched. Gross! And they wrote on one of the walls in lipstick. I'm sure I know how they broke in. And it was somewhat my fault.
And I'm very angry and upset about that.
But you know what else I'm angry about? I called the police at 9:50. The dispatch officer I spoke with told me someone should be here in an hour or so. And if he wasn't, to call the division. At 11:15 I called the division. The officer I spoke to informed me that my report had not been picked up yet. And he couldn't give me any idea when it would be. It's 11:30! I might possibly want to go to bed! But I can't close the sliding glass door, because there might be fingerprints on it. I can't go to bed! I'm quite nervous, but can't do anything because I am waiting for MY FELLOW CITY EMPLOYEE TO GET OFF HIS ASS AND DO HIS JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

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ntodd said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about this! :-(

Sending good vibes your way...