Wednesday, April 13, 2005

delusional or just stupid? you decide.

DeLay seeks congressional review of Schiavo case

"Hi! My name is Tom DeLay! I'm as crooked as it is possible to be!"
What an asshat. The guy's up to his ears in ethical problems. He threatens and bullies people who disagree with him. But he thinks he can jst blow some smoke around and make all his problems go away and people will just forget about his activities.
Okay, pay attention Congressman, the courts are the not your plaything. Checks and balances exist. You don't get to get rid of people just because they disagree with you. Do us all a favor and shut up and resign from Congress.

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t said...

Eh.....Tom DeLay is just full of hot air. What a big baby, he can't have his own way. There are 100 Terri Schiavos a day happening across the U.S. that are not publicized. Why doesn't he travel the country and "fight" those cases?

I figure people will tire of him soon, he'll become a national joke (even with Congress) and people will eventually forget about him.......