Wednesday, April 13, 2005

disgusting and horrifying

Police: Woman sold daughter for car
Yeah, the woman sold her older daughter for a car. That was never delivered.
Then she forced the younger daughter into prostitution. And now the daughter is three months pregnant. Oh, did I mention that the child is 12!!
Bobo's World indeed.
Really, come on, let's throw Florida out of the Union.


t said...

We need a license to drive.
We need a license to fish.
We need a license to get married.

We need a license for everything, it seems...but we don't need licenses to have kids. But I know we probably can't do that, can we? could we enforce it? And the most important thing a couple can do is have and raise children. But there are just so many people out there who shouldn't be...procreating.

It's very frustrating to see stories like this.

t said...

I just wanted to add...

When reading your post for the first time I thought you were saying that the MOTHER was 12!

Whew! That would make the story even worse!