Friday, April 15, 2005

further update

I woke up at 6:30 this morning. Called my parents and told them what happened. And then called the division again. After once hanging up on me, the officer i spoke to told me that my case had just been picked up and someone would be out to see me in and hour or two.


t said...


Would they have arrived (eventually) if you felt the burglar was still in your house hiding somewhere? Maybe that's what you should've said.

Your closest police station must be 40 miles away. Compared to LA I live in a hic town and they'd be here in about 3 minutes.

Like the bumper sticker I saw,
"Bad Cop!...No Donut!"

At least you're OK and nothing else was stolen. For what it's worth, it could've been worse.

shayera said...

they arrived at 10:40, more than 12 hours after i had called. actually, the nearest station is about 7 miles from my place. but i'm angry now and i've called my councilman's office to complain. i am fine, thank you. it's the weirdest case. nothing really valuable was stolen, this morning i noticed a new shirt was missing. but it's unsettling. i've lived in this same apartment for 4 years now. i've let the sliding door open so many times, but it just happened to be thursday.