Monday, April 25, 2005

i see they saved some whitewash

U.S. Clears Soldiers in Italian Agent's Iraq Death

It does seem to be a theme today doesn't it? "We've never done anything wrong. And if anyone says otherwise, they're lying!"
Someday in the far future when Bush the lesser's adminstration in studied in history class, I am sure that it will be looked upon as the Inquisition is looked upon. With shame and disgust.


t said...

Good thing Italy isn't a superpower or we'd be in trouble.
Italy is still steaming about this.

Like the old joke....

Ever hear of the old Italian who got Alzheimers'?

He forgot everything but old grudges.

LinF said...

This country seems to always confuse celebrity with ability! What makes for a good "action star" definitely does not make for a good Governor I think that the qualifications are a wee-bit different.