Monday, May 30, 2005

is he out of his ever fricking mind?!?!?!?!

Cheney offended by Amnesty criticism

Who knew Dick "dick" Cheney was such a sensitive flower? He's offended that John Kerry would actually have the nerve to compliment his family on their openly gay daughter.
And now he's offended that Amnesty International says that American troops have violated human rights in Guantanamo.
Please. Get real. Every day new stories come out in the press. And every day the Assministration ignores them. Dick is so full of it. What an a-hole.

Oh, and in the same interview he said that the lump would beat Hilary Clinton in a presidental election. As if. The lump wouldn't even make it out of the primaries. Here's the first question: You killed your high school boyfriend, why should we elect you?

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t said...

I think everyone's pretty much made up their mind on Cheney.

You aren't surprised at what he said, are you? I'm not.
I'd be very surprised to EVER hear him say something compassionate.
Those of us with brains know not to expect any more out of him than what he's been saying...

and everybody else doesn't care.
Judging from people I know, things I've read and some blogs I've sampled (not any that I visit regularly of course), they're just worried about what goes on in their little circle of friends. What happens outside their own little world isn't an issue.

I know people who voted for this administration and never pick up a newspaper.