Wednesday, May 04, 2005

a lie is a lie, no matter what you say

Report: Evidence destroyed after Tillman's death

Pat Tillman was killed in a friendly fire accident. We all know the story that was released to the public at that time. That he was killed by Taliban forces. Then, it was reported that it was actually a friendly fire incident. And, oh yeah, the army always knew that. But it wasn't what they wanted the public to know. And today, we find out that Pat Tillman's Ranger brothers destroyed the evidence. Oh, the subtitle of the article is: Yet investigation finds no intent to hide truth. They keep lying and keep lying and keep lying. And every time the story is a little different. But what never changes: we're not to blame. Nope. Stuff just happens and no one is to blame. What a crock.

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sirlarkins said...

It's so odd, the way lies are perpetrated these days. Time was, you buried a lie inside of a truth. Now it seems to be the other way around.

Yesterday I was reading the article in the Times about Lyndie England's mistrial and it was talking about the testimony that caused the judge to flip out. England's babydaddy was saying that the pictures were supposed to be used for training purposes--how to subdue an unruly prisoner, etc. And the judge says, "You can't have it both ways, etc." But I'm thinking, "Hold on a second! TRAINING?" I don't know about you, but I don't put together training dossiers unless ordered to by a higher-up. So who in the military brass was having these guys put together a "how to torture people" package? Nice that that implication has been completely glossed over by the mistrial hubub. Methinks the judge (who is an Army colonel, after all) may have been trying to head off some damaging information at the pass?