Wednesday, June 29, 2005

just how old are you?

Rogers shoves cameramen, throws camera to ground in angry tirade

Seeing as I live in Los Angeles, I saw this on the news. Didn't look as if the camera guys were doing anything to him. I don't think they even spoke to him.
What on earth is he thinking, pushing them around? Seriously, there is no need to allow your inner two year old to be your outer two year old.


t said...

Why isn't he in jail?

Now THAT would be top news, instead of the Putin incident.

Kenny Rogers should have gone to jail for a few days, just like anyone else who would've done that.

shayera said...

No argument from me there t. Instead, they "sent him home".
What is he, some delicate flower that he can't be filmed walking onto the field?

Jami said...

additionally, don't let your inner 'roid rage become your outer 'roid rage.

shayera said...

good point jami!