Thursday, June 30, 2005

who are they f*ing kidding?

Army recruits shortfall blamed on Iraq war critics

Sorry Senator "I'm outraged by the outrage", but war critics are not responsible for recruiting shortages. I'm pretty sure the war itself is the reason recruiting numbers are falling. I'm sure the fact that you and your Repuke cronies are sending them to Iraq without proper armor is responsible for falling recruiting. I'm sure the fact that you don't pay them properly, that you don't offer them adequate medical assistance when they return to the United States, that you do nothing to ensure that their families are taken care of while they are gone, those I'm sure are what cause recruiting shortfalls.
Trust me, it's not the war critics.


t said...

Actually, I think Senate Republicans just shot themselves in the foot....

1. I agree with them. People aren't signing up for the military because of media reports. And for that, I wish to add a big THANK YOU to the media for telling it like it is! Bad news? There's GOOD news about the Iraq war? Well, I guess there is....people have quit dying. Oooops!...wrong! The price of oil is dropping. Oooops!...wrong again! There is a strong, stable democratic government in control in Iraq. Oooops!...WOW, I'm 0h-for-three!

2. By publically complaining about this, they've just reinforced media reports.
Nice going!

If the military is really having a recruiting problem, why haven't Mr. Bush's little darlings signed up yet? Don't they want to give their life for, I mean...serve their country?

shayera said...

Republicans just make themselves seem more and more disgusting every day. It must be a lizard brain thing. Because they just blame everyine else for their problems every day.