Wednesday, July 27, 2005

any one else see any flaws in this?

U.S. to announce 'Beyond Kyoto' climate pact

The Assminstration is delusional. The Kyoto Protocols can and have been successfully implemented around the world. And even in this country, places like Portland, OR have implemented the Kyoto Protocols. And, newsflash, it works!
The Assministration, in it's continued handout to big corporations will not do anything to better the environment.

Australia, which has a giant hole in the ozone right over the continent should walk away from this. According to the Australian government's own website, 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women in Australia will be diagnosed with some sort of cancer before the age of 75. Each year, about 345,000 people are diagnosed with cancer. Around 270,000 of these cancers are less threatening types of skin cancer – these are called non-melanocytic skin cancer. For other types of cancer, just under 80,000 people will be diagnosed and approximately 34,000 people will die.
Cancer Statistics
That's pretty awful for a country with a population of 20,090,437.

I can't speak for China or South Korea. But I've been to India. It's got pollution problems. Big ones. This can't be the way to go to fix these problems.


t said...

Wow, the statistics about Australia are frightening!
And out of all the places in the world I'd want to visit,
it would be Australia.
I'm hoping the next administration will be receptive to the Kyoto Protocols.

shayera said...

i used to know lots of australians when i lived in singapore. most of them were fanatics about sunscreen. it seemed they either knew someone with, or had had skin cancer themselves. usually the treatable ones, but it was an amazingly high number.
it's still a great place to go. just bring sunscreen and hats!

t said...

My nephew,
on business in Singapore,
just came back.
He loved it there, but said
he probably wouldn't go back.
Too expensive.

shayera said...

oh god yes! i was so lucky when i lived there. i lived with my parents, so no rent, didn't have to pay for food. i was pretty much only responsible for my student loans and my credit card bills. singapore's a great place if you're going through quickly. i was there 4 years, and things had changed so much, for me, by the time i left.