Tuesday, July 19, 2005

do we file this under "freedom's on the march" or is it "last throes"

Baghdad hospital doctors on strike against soldiers

I'm sure it has to be clear to any reasonable, clear thinking person that things in Iraq are NOT getting better.
Bloggers are being disappeared. Innocent children are being blown up every single day. There's little electricity in the middle of Summer. In a desert. Water is dodgy, at best.
This is wrong. And it's the complete and total fault of OUR ADMINISTRATION and OUR PRESIDENT.


t said...

Regarding the story, isn't that the type of abuse Hussein's Sunni Muslems was doing four years ago? Looks like the war hasn't really changed daily living there. Add the things you just mentioned, and it's worse.

cookie jill said...

Yeah...they keep repeating "Freedom's on the March" so it must be true. (NOT)

We are going to be there decades, I fear. And Paris Hilton isn't sacrificing a gosh darn thing in time of war.

I'm disheartened more every day.

shayera said...

I have a friend who's a Major in the Army. We went to UNC together. Star Wars fans forever. I used to hear from him all the time. Literally multiple times a day. Just goofy stuff.

He was in Iraq 6 months. Six months! He's an intelligence officer. Anyway, he came home in February. I've heard from him twice since he came back.
I think this has changed him. And that's another cost of this war.

I hate the "support the war" guys who won't go and fight for it. I don't support it. I would refuse to fight. But my friends, and Mike isn't the only one, are coming back changed. I miss my friends.