Monday, July 11, 2005

is anyone really this stupid?

New Potter book leaks in Canada, gag order issued

There can not be any single book seller on this continent who is unaware that the books were not to be put on sale before July16th. Anyone claiming that they did it accidentally is lying through their teeth.
How do I know this? Well, when the books come to my branch, the box is prominently stamped with the contents and a big stamp that says do not open before the 16th. I have a friend who works in a bookstore. Her boxes come stamped "do not open". She could lose her job. My library could get fined. Not to mention the trouble I could personally get into with Administration. Why would we leave ourselves open to that kind of grief?
Any one selling Harry Potter knows the score. Any one claiming otherwise is full of it.


t said...

For someone working in a bookstore or a library, like yourself, this may seem like a stupid question:
Why the delayed release until July 16th? Why not release it now? Is it to ensure that all stores and libraries get all their copies, or to make the best use of advertising, or both...or neither?

shayera said...

it's a release date thing. JKR, Scholastic, and Bloomsbury like to make it an event.
It's not really unusual though. Publishers will have "on sale street dates" for books by their more popular authors.
But with the Harry Potter books, part of the whole thing is that they make it an experience. With all the parties, etc.
Even though JKR turned the manuscript in in December, it had to be edited, the artwork had to be done, the books had to be printed, the audio books had to be recorded. Books take a long long time to actually appear on the shelf once they've been turned in.
And yes, you are right. Not everyone has received their books yet. My branch hasn't, and neither has my friend.
My wishlist exists solely so that I can keep track of release dates of books. I put it on as soon as I hear something's coming out and then keep an eye in case it gets pushed back, etc.

t said...

OK, that makes sense.