Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Let there be rejoicing across the land!!!

PBS finds its holy grail with Python shows

I love love love love the Pythons!!!
I can't wait to see these.


t said...

This Spring?
OMG, that's still 8-9 months away! Damn, that's how long I've got to wait? Well, I guess I'd better count my blessings that we've got it to look forward to, huh? On PBS? I just hope they don't show it with two half-hour fund-raisers in the during each one! I know they need my money but I wish they'd find a less obtrusive way to get it.

Along with Michael Palin, Graham Chapman was one of my favorites. I remember the day I heard he died, I was devastated.
I'm a tough audience.
So God bless you, Graham,
for every laugh you gave me.

shayera said...

I love the fact that all the tributes and things that the guys get invited to, they always bring "Graham's ashes". It cracks me up. They brought "him" on stage when they won the Tony last month.

t said...

It's funny,
just the other day I was thinking of the "tinny word, woody word" episode. Sounds bizarre, but I still compare words using that method.

And I remember Carol Cleveland.
Oh, she was CUTE!

t said...

When the rest of them get together for a special event, do you know if she ever accompanies them?

shayera said...

i don't think so. although, i looked her up on imdb, and it does look like she stills keeps in touch with the guys.

my recent funny story. the oral surgeon who pulled my wisdom was all excited about the fact that i was going to see spamalot. i saw him ofr a consult before my trip to nyc and had mentioned it. so when i came in after my trip to get the tooth pulled, he was all, "so how was it? tell me everything!"