Thursday, July 14, 2005

oh gag me!

Feith Says Pentagon Overdid WMD Rationale

Right, Douglas Feith please tell me why on Earth we should listen to you?
You were a war flogger from well before the time Bush was "elected".
You were wrong. And this war was never necessary.


t said...

Lets see
if I understand him correctly...
Too much time and effort was spent by the Bush administration telling everyone about all the terrible WMDs in Iraq that hadn't existed since the Gulf War in '91,
and they should've focused more on.....what?
Hussein was a horrible person (yes, true) so we created a war to capture or kill him and his sons? In human history, was there ever a scenerio where a country invaded and killed 100,000 innocent people and spent $181 billion (of today's dollars) to capture or kill 3 horrible men?

Regardless of whatever "rationale" he uses, the results would've been the same. What's he trying to prove?

shayera said...

notice how the fact that the american govenment helped create hussain is left out? notice that the fact that rumsfailed was the one who made sure that hussain got the poisonous chemicals that he used to gas the kurds?