Friday, July 01, 2005

this headline makes me want to cry

Bush Gets First Chance for Court Nominee

There is no one in the world who less deserves a chance to appoint a Supreme Court justice.
I was screaming at the television this morning when his stupid face came on to make his "gracious comments". Commander cuckoo bananas can just suck it!


t said...

I was shocked when I'd heard she was retiring. I didn't see it coming. Was this surprising to you, too?

Sandra Day O'Connor was a moderate, appointed by Reagan. Damn, why couldn't it have been a conservative justice? Because that's what Bush will fill it with.

shayera said...

I knew she wanted to retire during the 2000 election, but then all that stuff came out about her not wanting to retire and let a Democrat fill her seat. So she had to hang around at least 4 years, so she wouldn't look like such a schmuck.
I really expected Rhenquist to retire first.
I lost all respect for her due to her behavior during the 2000 election. Granted, she's a good swing vote, but she's one of the 5 that put commanded cuckoo bananas in office. I can't forgive her for that.
I thought we were safe since no announcements were made on Monday. So much for that.