Friday, July 15, 2005

tiny rant

i have a position to fill in my library. it's a starter job, shelving books, picking up, collecting the mail, that sort of thing.
i found out about it very late last week, so early this week, we put up signs inviting people to fill out applications. i've been very clear that i have to have all applications in by today, as i'm doing interviews next week.
this afternoon, a woman asked me for an application. i have never been spoken to so rudely by someone hoping to be hired for a job. and trust me, this woman must know better. she's at least my age.
here's a note: don't be rude to the person who is going to be doing the hiring! i'm the person making the decision as to who i am going to interview. when you act as if you are doing me a "favor" by filling out the application, i put your's on the bottom of the pile. i have one position. i have about twenty applications. i plan on doing no more than five interviews. tell me again, what are your chances of getting an interview?


t said...

Can you think of any specific examples of stuff she said, or
was it the way she said them?
Just curious.

shayera said...

i gave them until this evening to return the one page application and she says to me: "huh, are you sure that it has to be in by today?" then "can't you hurry up and do the interviews?" and "when would i start work?"
and the way she said them.

t said...

Too bad your library isn't close to us. My wife has been looking for years for an entry level library position like that.

shayera said...

it would be a bit of a commute. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Shy, shy, shy.

There you go being picky again.