Tuesday, August 30, 2005

just awful

Katrina Floods Gulf States, Killing 55

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Katrina has been unbelievable. And things are only going to get worse as it dries out.
My parents and I are thinking about taking a trip to New Orleans in October. The son of a friend of mine lives just outside New Orleans. He works for a bank. He's fine, up in Shrevesport, but has no idea when he'll be able to go home or what state he'll find things in.


t said...

The levees didn't fail until after Katrina was gone. I guess nearby floodwaters eventually converged on New Orleans until the levees couldn't take it any longer.

The looting is what bothers me. I could understand stealing food and water in desparation. But jewelry and TVs? One blog I read yesterday even said a Wal-Mart security camera recorded a New Orleans police officer looting!

shayera said...

it's an insane situation. i've stopped watching the news and listening to the radio. it's just really breaking my heart.
at least i've been insanely busy at work, so i've actually been concentrating on finishing things and haven't really seen the news.