Monday, August 08, 2005

random thoughts

I've been thinking a lot today about Cindy Sheehan. The folks at the Daily Kos, which is Gold Star Families for Peace, and the Lone Star Iconoclast have been keeping people updated as to what's been going on in Crawford. In fact, Mrs. Sheehan herself posts there once a day or so and lets the community know what's going on. Go check it out.

Earlier today there were stories flying around about Mrs. Sheehan possibly being arrested on Thursday. Later in the day, reports came out that this was just a maybe possibility. Like the Secret Service repeating over and over again to Mrs. Sheehan that she needed to be careful where she was, because she could get hit by speeding traffic. Both of these were repeated so many time that they could only be considered to be threats.

Can you imagine the uproar and horror if either of these possibilities happened? Chicken George is walking a very fine edge in the polls at present. No matter how it's spun, he's almost at the lowest point in his rule. Now imagine that Mrs. Sheehan is actually hit by a car (and I certainly do not wish her at all ill) or imagine that she's arrested (oh, the charge their planning on landing on her? they're going to claim she's a national security risk.). If they do try that charge, they can hold her without allowing her to speak to an attorney.
Can you just imagine what would happen?!?!?!?! I would have to believe that each and every single media outlet of any kind would be up in arms. It should be breaking news on every station. Front page on every paper across the world. It's my belief that there's no possible way that Chicken George could possibly survive that.
Mrs. Sheehan has been forced to make an unbelievable sacrifice in the name of her country. And the Commander in Chief, who's orders made that happen is too much of a coward to leave his "ranch" to come out and speak to her.

Republicans love to go on and on about the fact that Bill Clinton got a consensual blowjob. You know something? No one died because of Bill Clinton's blowjob.

Bush lied. 1835 American men and women have been killed. An unknown number of Afghanis and Iraqis have been killed. The government refuses to release the number of soldiers that have been injured. The adminstration continues to cut benefits to war veterans. This whole episode is shameful.


t said...

Your blog is the only place I've ever heard about this story.
At least for the time being, the media would rather give us constant live updates about a spoiled little rich girl who got lost in Aruba.

I clicked on your iconoclast link but the story won't come up. That site may be very busy.

shayera said...

the Iconoclast's servers are being hammered. it's taking forever for the pages to load.
Cindy's been on the air on some of the news shows, too. i think it would have gotten more press yesterday of Peter Jennings hadn't died.

sirlarkins said...

I think if she gets arrested it'll be a huge litmus test for the media and the American public. I'm almost hoping something does happen (although not the car thing!) just to see how it all plays out.

On a completely unrelated note, here's a pic from the upcoming GoF movie of Harry dancing with Padma:

Poor girl. She never had a chance.

shayera said...

i was just telling another friend that i firmly and honestly believe that arresting Cindy Sheehan will have the same effect on this country as when the British arrested Gandhi. the reverbrations would be like an explosion.

David, how are you? how's the move coming along?

and cool, i hadn't seen that picture before!

sirlarkins said...

I'm doing well. Busy, as can be expected. Don't have a firm date on the move yet, but I might be heading up north in the next week or two to do more job hunting/do interviews if all goes according to plan...

t said...

I'm finally hearing this story spread. It was in my local paper yesterday, although it was buried deep in the front section. And I saw it on Yahoo news, too, because Bush responded by saying,
"I feel for her, but we're staying the course, blah, blah, blah....."