Friday, August 12, 2005

shouldn't someone have noticed this before?

Giant Waterfall Discovered in Calif. Park

That's just silly. Waterfalls don't just magically appear.


t said...

A very interesting story.
At first, when I read your posting, I thought
"Hmmm, maybe if it were near the epicenter of an earthquake the ground might heave up or sink, creating a new waterfall."
But, would have to be a hell of an earthquake.
And #2...reading the story, it's apparent it's been there a long time.

One part of the story says,
"...there are some who would prefer the falls remain a secret. Milestone has even received an anonymous letter criticizing him for inviting outsiders to overrun the park."
Sounds like SOME people already knew about it and wanted to keep it to themselves.

Their own little private waterfall.

Very understandable.

shayera said...

yeah, i noticed that in the article too. it looks like they're trying to drum up some tourist dollars.
i just wanted to be snarky.