Thursday, August 04, 2005

summer of shallow

Big Brother 6

posted on behalf of my friend Tammy

so, it's summer. and in summer, we get extra shallow. and we watch extra shallow television shows. this summer it's big brother. anyway, this week viewers get a chance to vote back onto the show a houseguest that's been "evicted" from the house. it's between 3 out of the 4. i'm asking you guys to go to the cbs website and vote for kayser. he's an iraqi-american graphic designer from southern california. a good, decent guy who deserves to get sent back into the house. you don't need to register or download anything or anything. just click a few links.
do it for the good guys!


t said...

OK, I did it.
I voted for kayser.
Just for you, shayera and Tammy.
Yeah, you're right.
It's shallow.

shayera said...

and we thank you very much!
seriously though, kayser really is the one of the smartest players ever on the show. and a very likeable personality as well.
in winter, it's on to more weighty things like the amazing race. i've never been able to convince anyone to audition for the race with me. sad, i know. lol