Monday, August 01, 2005

things are about to get interesting!

Saudi King Fahd Dies in Riyadh Hospital

It's not unexpected, the King's been sick for a really long time.
Will Georgie Porgie pull himself away from the "ranch" to attend the funeral?
Stay tuned!


t said...

Oh, I have no doubt in my mind...NO doubt...that he'll attend the funeral.
He'll say it's to "strengthen our ties with our Muslim friends."

The death of King Fahd really doesn't mean anything. From what I understand he hasn't been running anything for 10 years.

shayera said...

Yup. I think he had his stroke in 1995. Abdullah's been running things since then. But he's no spring chicken. My personal feeling is that Bandar is tying to jockey for position. My feeling is that things will be happening behind the scenes.
I posted this way late at night, which sort of explains the incoherency. Sorry. ;-)