Thursday, August 25, 2005

yet another movie review

Last night I went and saw The 40 Year Old Virgin.
I'm recommending it highly. Laughed my head off. I had tears running down my face, I was howling with laughter so hard.
Steve Carell was hysterically funny and sweet.
Paul Rudd and Catherine Keener are wonderful.
And Seth Grogan and Romany Malco are a revelation.
And it's a grown up movie. It's not a movie made for teenagers.
Go see it.


t said...

Yeahhhhh....maybe it's not for teenagers, but is it a chick flick? Like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? All my teachers were telling me that was the funniest movie they'd ever seen and that even guys were howling over it. But I saw it and was disappointed, mainly because I expected so much.

t said...

Hey, just to let you know...
a dvd or dvd collection (I don't know how extensive it is) of Michael Palin's and Eric Idle's Monty Python favorites is going on sale Tuesday.

shayera said...

it's definately not a chick flick in the mode of "my big fat greek wedding." i do love that movie. saw it opening day, in fact.
it's more of a goofy boy movie. did you ever see "super troopers"? another one of my favorites, in fact. lots of funny slapsticky type of humour.

and yeah, i saw the thing about the palin/idle dvds! it's all too exciting.