Tuesday, September 20, 2005

george still not paying attention

Military: Troop Deaths Hit 1,904 in Iraq

Let's not forget, we still have soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. Commander Cuckoo Bananas needs to be hammered some more.


t said...

shayera, have you read this yet?
Especially where the Republican consultant says:
"'The problem is not Katrina, the root of the problem is Iraq,' said Chris DePino, a Republican consultant in New Haven, Conn. 'The Katrina issue is complicating the public relations nightmare that is Iraq.'"

Then he said,

"DePino praised Bush but said, 'It is very hard to put a good face on death and destruction.'"

Really??? Duhhhhh......

shayera said...

t, that's a great catch. i'd missed the article. i'm waiting to see how stupidhead reacts to rita. i'm sure he'll hop right to action, seeing as it's heading to texas.
but have you noticed that his numbers just keep heading south? he's in freefall.