Saturday, September 10, 2005

this is the guy who should be president

Gore airlifts victims from New Orleans

Others have mentioned this already. Al Gore did this last weekend. I had heard about this last weekend, but I couldn't find any news reports about it at the time. He was actually on one of the planes. This was $100000 at least out of his own pocket. He did it beacuse he was asked.
I hope he runs again in 2008. I would support him whole heartedly again.


t said...

Honest to God, that story brought tears to my eyes.
What a guy.
He IS the president.
But he doesn't officially have the title, any power or decision-making abilities and he's not allowed to sit in the White House.
Please, Mr. for re-election in 2008.

shayera said...

he does things quietly and doesn't demand attention or aclaim for his actions.
you know, like an adult.
his speeches are brilliant and incisive. i'm going to send him emails begging him to run.