Tuesday, September 13, 2005

this pisses me off

Union: L.A. Cut Corners With Utility Wages

Uh, huh. According to the Union guy, they should have been doing the work at night. So when he cut the same damn wire in THE DARK, it wouldn't be as bad. Right, because having no electricity in the evening is no problem at all.
The DWP employees are in negotiations for a new contract. Here are the figures from the article.

The City Council has yet to approve a proposal that would increase utility workers' pay between 16.25 percent and 30 percent over five years. D'Arcy said the union will hold a strike vote in the coming weeks.

So, tell me guys, when was the last time you got a 16.5% to 30% raise over 5 years. Let me just say that I never ever have in my entire working career.
I'm a big Union supporter. But this is bullshit.


t said...

16.25-30% in 5 years!!!
If you think your electric bills are high NOW.....!

shayera said...

i'm so pissed off about dwp, i can't even tell you t! i've been working without a contract for over a year. and would you like to know what the offer on the table is (was)? 4% over the next two years, with nothing retro. i say was, because the offer's off the table now.
i keep hearing "dwp's a money making division, dwp's a money making division." they can suck it.

t said...

We get raises of 3%-3.5% a year, but I've heard our superintendant - although he IS very nice to me - hates everyone but teachers.
I understand he'd love to eliminate the entire custodial staff & contract it out, but it's never worked anywhere before.
The supervisor of the head custodians - and I'm a head custodian - has never done head custodian work before and stops by my building about 3 times every calendar year. He thinks we do nothing for our salary and we think this is what he tells the superintendant. Yet we seldom need help repairing our buildings by ourselves. But because of this false depiction of us, we suspect the "head custodian" positions will be grandfathered out as we retire and we'll be replaced with "warm bodies" that can mop up vomit but don't know how to repair anything, and will make 2/3 the salary.
If this ever comes to pass, the schools will be falling apart by the time they decide to correct what they've done.

t said...

Well, I looked back at my first comment and I guess I get 15%-17.5% every 5 years. So I guess I can't complain too much about DWP.
I just keep looking at that 30% and thinking about 6% a year.....

shayera said...

see, i see this as a problem with our union's been weakened. we've got no one really sticking up for us, which sucks.
i know, that 30% thing makes me queasy. can you imagine, getting a third again of your salary in 6 years? that's amazing to me.