Thursday, September 22, 2005

this sucks

Texans Fleeing Rita Stalled by Traffic

My Houston dwelling parents left their home at 1:30 in the morning to get to Austin to catch a plane. When I spoke to my Mom this morning at 10:00 Houston time, she said they were in Austin and checked into to their flight. But that they had just got there. She said the I10 was backed up for miles and people were just sitting in traffic. Dad got off the 10 and took surface roads. And Mom said even those was super slow.


t said...

I don't think I knew your parents were in Houston. Where are they flying to? I honestly don't think Houston will get hit badly. It'll hit the Texas/Louisiana border.
They didn't predict the track of this one very well. They originally said it would hit around Brownsville and kept revising it northward. I never thought it would take the westerly track they kept predicting.

shayera said...

yup, the folks are sort of texans. they went to nyc, to my uncle. which is pretty funny, since my grandmother just came to them from my uncle's place. they'll have a good time there. lots of friends and family.
i, did of course, throw a great guilt trip because they didn't come out to my place. but as my mom pointed out, that would be three more people in my one bedroom place. not a good plan.
this storm is being super tricky. she's all over the place.