Tuesday, September 27, 2005

yup, definitely a member of this administration

Brown Blames 'Dysfunctional' Louisiana

Shut up Michael Brown. Just admit the facts. You are humungously underqualified to manage FEMA. And you were a disaster at managing Katrina. Stop trying to pass the buck. Be an adult and admit that you are a failure.


garvald said...

I just saw your blog, when I was going into mine so I thought that I would check it out!
besides day to day stuff, I also love to expose the goverment incompetencies!

t said...

I hear ya, shayera.
And he drew criticism from Democrats AND Republicans.

shayera said...

t, i wanted to put up another post about how childish he is. look at him, sitting there claiming it's not his fault at all. trying to play it off as nagin and blanco's faults. total bullshit crap. when we are little we blame other's for things: "i didn't break that, it was the dog, my brother, the kid down the street. just not me." but hell, we all grow up and accept responsibility. this asshole can't do that.

LinF said...

In a sense I guess it is not really his fault, Bush was handing out toys in the form of agencies when elected and thought his friend would enjoy playing with disaster management! What do most children do when their toys are taken away? Pout! I guess making up all those things on his resume was another game.

shayera said...

Lin, lol, you're so right.