Monday, October 03, 2005

i'm back!

did you miss me?
the weekend was fun and exhausting.
i was cut off from the news and from a computer for three whole days!
did i miss anything? ;-)
regular blogging should resume tomorrow. depending upon how much sleep i get.


Demeur said...

Hope your home was safe from the fires. Much has happened in your absense. I think the best story that seems to sum things up in a nutshell:

Hope this makes your day.

shayera said...

Hi Demeur,
Thanks, that did make my day!
The fires were a good 3/4 miles away, which was good. But I got plenty of smoke and ash. I went to meet up with some friends in Las Vegas, which was a great time.
I've been home since Monday, but still trying to catch up on real life. Which is why blogging has been so light. And then of course I'm off to visit my parents for ten days, so things are going to be loose are here. Maybe if I'm really really lucky, Tom Delay will do the perp walk while I'm in Houston and I can go see it!

cookie jill said...

You sure you want to come back to news? ;-)