Tuesday, October 25, 2005

something's coming, something good!

CBS News will report Fitzgerald to make intentions known tomorrow

Okay, so we were a little off on the arrival of Fitzmas. Let's just put it down to being diligent.


Demeur said...

We can only hope that Mr. X is none other than Oil Can Dick himself. I'd just love to see him brought up on treason charges

shayera said...

That would in fact be the best thing ever. I have high hopes, but I'm trying to contain my expectations.
My Mom always says he's such a snake that he'd just slither out of any trouble.

t said...

Shayera's Mom is right.
It'll never be Dick.
If it is, I'll be celebrating so much that I'll get drunk for the first time in my 46 years.
But I'm certainly not holding my breath.
A formerly-pro-Bush radio talk show host in this area says he has "spies" that say Al Gore - whom he himself says...next to Bush..."looks like the second coming of Christ" - will be pressured to run in '08 and predicts he'll get the nomination. "Like Nixon in 1968, it's gonna take 8 years to get over the 2000 'defeat'" he says.

Chuck said...

On pins and needles!

I just hope the charges are (at least) half as strong as they should be. If there's perjury and obstruction, there's definitely more.