Wednesday, October 12, 2005

the sound you hear is my heart breaking

Gore: I Don't Plan to Run for President

As you may remember, I was holding out hope for a Gore run in 2008. And I'm awfully sorry to hear that he won't.
But I love the fact that he goes on the attack these days.


Demeur said...

Can you blame Al for not wanting to run. We now have a country that's bankrupt, a world discrace, the cause of death, increased terrorist activity and stop to consider many of Bush's policies will not take effect until he's out of office. One more major disaster and we're finished.
What does George care? As he said after doing the same number on Texas " What do I care, that's the next guy's problem."

shayera said...

nope, i absolutely understand where he's coming from. but i still want him to be in the white house. the whole world loves clinton and gore. reflected glory, i say.

t said...

And I heard after Gore's 2000 electoral college defeat that some wouldn't vote for him because they thought of him as
"a know-it-all".
My God! That's what I WANTED for president! Someone who was confident and highly intelligent.
Maybe he'll reconsider for 2008, but I fear demeur is right.

I think I'll cry.

Chuck said...

Well, I'm still gonna hope guys. Maybe he was just feeling things out to see what kind of support he could expect. After all, people change their minds and 2008 is a long way off (unfortunately).

For that matter, it's difficult to imagine much of a country left after the (MIS)administration exits leaving a total disaster behind them.

I really like your blog, btw Shayera. :)

shayera said...

welcome Chuck,
thanks for the vote of confidence!
maybe we can coerce him into running somehow.
how about a gore/clark 08 campaign? i could totally get behind that.

Mark H said...

Gore/Clark. Now that's what I'm talkin' about.