Sunday, October 09, 2005

sunday night babyblogging

not a fan of sand Posted by Picasa


cookie jill said...

aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! ;-)

t said...

Doesn't look real happy.
'Course, neither did I when I had sand up my shorts!

shayera said...

i know! his expression completely say, "why am i sitting in this? i don't like it one bit!"
my brother said he wasn't too thrilled by the sand.
he's got 6 teeth! i got to babysit saturday night, which was wonderful fro me. but the little love was not so delighted. this weekend it's off to my mom's birthday, so i should get some nice cuddle time in.

LinF said...

Wonder if that was the look that Brown had on his face when forced to sit in the "sand" he calls, "not my fault"? But the little guy in the pic sure is a cutey.