Saturday, October 29, 2005

why it's important

Wilson: There Have Been Threats

I've been reading things all over the place this week. Reading other people's very fine documentations of the atrocities, as it were. I've seen where some on the right have said that Valerie Plame outed herself by marrying Joseph Wilson. I've seen those on the right say, "well, no real crime was commited, she wasn't really under cover. And even if she was, she was just a desk jockey."
All of it is bullshit. Outing a CIA agent is a horrible crime at any time. The CIA book of fallen agents has an anonymous star in the year 2003. Anonymous stars are for agents that die or are killed while deep inder cover. Even in death, their identities are hidden. Is that star there because of the activities of Karl Rove and I. Lewis Libby? I don't know. But it seems more than probable.
And now Joseph Wilson is able to speak out. And what is one of the first things he tells us? That his wife, an extremely valuable security asset, gets threats. Threats that he can't tell us about.


cookie jill said...

For an administration that says it's so concerned over WMD's and "National Security" they've done so much to destroy our intelligence agencies that we have to gain information to aid in those "concerns"

I am sure there is a special place in hell for these folks, or, they will be coming back as slugs in a salt mine.

Chuck said...

Good entry Shayera. She's getting threats because this is the dirtiest, slimy, low-down criminal (MIS)administration of LIES and CORRUPTION in the history of our once-great country. There have been many mysterious deaths of people that have crossed this crew. Nothing has ever come of any of it of course, even with it being public knowledge. It's sad that an entity of this caliber can wield so much power.

shayera said...

i've stopped watching the news altogether these days. i watch the daily show, and hang out at my favorite blogs.
mainly because every time i turn on the news, i see some lying flack out there telling the american people how great things are. and all of it's complete bullshit.
this adminstration has destroyed us. i really think that's a fair description of what they've done to the country as a whole. sheer greed and blind arrogance.

t said...

I just don't understand what happened last year.
I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 in a packed theatre last October and when it was over the woman beside me said, "I can't believe this! Well...I wasn't sure who I was going to vote for, but I do now...and it's NOT gonna be HIM!"
Everything pointed to a Kerry win. And then there's the story how the chances of the exit polls last being so different from the actual results is 959,000 to 1.
So the voting booths were rigged.
Yet, no one really looked into it.
My wife says it's because any evidence of rigging is gone and says a Diebold voting machine insider will have to confess to knowing about the rigging.

shayera said...

I think they should re-release F9/11 in theatres this year. And I also think someone should "Rocky Horror" F9/11. It's got some perfect places for audience participation. I'm still dumb founded by the election results.

t said...

Speaking of F 9/11, all the parents were at my school for the Halloween party on Friday and there was a father there who was a DEAD-RINGER for Michael Moore.
I mean, he looked EXACTLY like him!
I'm glad he wasn't looking at me, because I was literally staring!