Thursday, November 10, 2005

disgusted and horrified by our government

Senate Votes No Terror Suspects in Courts

So now the Senate has said that the prisoners in Guantanamo have no rights to have their day in court. First today we has Frist saying he didn't care if we had illegal jails, he cared that someone blabbed about them.
And now this vote saying that we don't care about rules, it's going to be our way.
I'm sickened.


t said...

They're accused of nothing specific and are in prison for no apparent reason.
Let them have their day in court immediately or release them.

shayera said...

And now McCain's saying that we need an anti torture amendment to repair our image overseas.

t said...

We've got the Geneva Convention.
And do we really need an amendment for this?
Do I really need to submit a notarized statement to someone stating that I won't torture someone to the brink of death, or is it just expected of me?