Monday, November 07, 2005

how nice, yet another made up issue.

Tension Over Christmas Observance Begins

Yeah right. Tension. The only ones tense about it are the righties. I was in the mall this morning. And they're already blasting Christmas music. So don't start telling me this is an issue.
And why are the news outlets making such a big deal about it?


t said...

Even though the kids in our school look as though their parents must be U.N. ambassadors, Christmas hasn't been an issue. Our school has a lot of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu and more. When December and a 2-week break from school gets close, we just have the habit of saying "Have a great vacation" or "Have a great holiday" to those we don't know well. They're just tickled with the well-wishes. And we say "Have a great ________" to those we know well.
Religious observance just isn't brought up much, and when it is, kids from different religions contribute (such as on a poster) to illustrate what their religion is like.

shayera said...

I know. It's not not an issue. All you have to do is wish people for their appropriate holiday. And if worst comes to worst, happy new year works for all. As you know, I work in a public building. Every year we out up a Christmas tree, Hannukah decorations and Kwanza decorations. No one complains. These so called controversies are just ridiculous.

Gothamimage said...

Sometimes when all the bloggers are celebrating Fiztmas, the kids who celebrate Fitznukkah or Fitzwanza some times feell a bit left out, even though that is accidental.

So we try to encourage Fitzball, as something everyone can rally around.

shayera said...

Gothamimage, you are so correct! We have absolutely got to be sure to include everyone in the Fitzebrations. We'll have to make sure that all groups are included in the Fitzivals.

t said...

We put up a tree in our lobby, but we have to call it a Holiday tree.
That's fine with me, I'm used to it...and at home it's still a Christmas tree.
At our High School, they called theirs a Holiday tree too, of course...
but the staff privately called it The Giving Bush, just to be funny.