Monday, November 21, 2005

Mongolia?!? That's the best President Bubbleboy can do?

Bush Cheers Mongolia for Pushing Democracy

No offense to the very fine people of Mongolia, but really is this the best Bushyboy can do?
He went to Asia and all he got was some good news from the Mongolians.
Idiot can't remember what door he walked into a room from. Can't eat out at any restaurant but Outback. Twice. Can't visit a museum.


t said...

Like something a rich, spoiled child would do, I think that - on a whim - he just wanted to visit the land of the famous warrior, Genghis Khan, just to see what it was like.
Plus, he can brag later that he was the only president who ever visited Mongolia.

shayera said...

Yup. Didn't you love the shots of him not being able to escape the press conference when they asked him hard questions?

cookie jill said...

He wants to pretend he's Ghengis Khan.

shayera said...

I'm sure Ghengis was more cultured!