Wednesday, November 16, 2005

the U.S. government doing what they do best: defending the indefensible

US defends use of white phosphorus against Iraq insurgents

There is no excuse whatsoever for the U.S. to use chemical weapons. And now we're being told that, well, they never used it against civilians. I'm saying that's bullshit. Remember when we didn't torture? Yeah, turns out that was pretty much bullshit too, wasn't it? The U.S. govenment has lost all credibility in regards to this matter.


t said...

I read the article.
A conventional weapon? White Phosphorus? It's a chemical weapon, Bryan Whitman.
Repeat after me, CHEM-I-CAL WEA-PON.
The army admits to using it, too.
And I don't care whether or not armies have used it for a century, it's STILL a chemical weapon.
It's the old double standard...if other countries use it, it's a WMD.
If we use it, it's "part of our conventional weapons inventory".
Other countries see this going on and we expect them to respect us?
If we're getting so desperate in Iraq that we have to use chemical weapons, I guess that shows how badly things are going there...probably worse than we realize.

shayera said...

it's just lies lies lies everywhere with this government. one day they say something, the very next day they're forced to retract. the rest of the world sees that what's happening. what our country is doing. too bad our people aren't.