Friday, December 02, 2005

the Administration: embarassing all Americans everywhere

9/11 Panel: U.S. Failing on Security Reform
White House Defends Human Rights Record

I know I keep saying it. The Administration is humiliating all American citizens. We are bearing the responsibility of these disgraces. The criminals in charge will walk away unscathed and rich. And we will be left of try and put the shattered pieces of our country back together.


t said...

History shows we always find out much more about what went on in a presidential administration once it's over.
It's scary to think what we'll see when more information comes out in...say...six years from now.
I predict they'll find this to be the most corrupt, inept administration in history. By far.

shayera said...

Yeah, can you imagine how horrified we are going to be when the files get declassified? It's going to be truly awful.

Chuck said...

Agreed guys.

I hit this very subject HERE.

Quite an embarrassment for our once great nation.