Friday, December 30, 2005

more from Craig Murray

"Can I pass on my thanks to everyone who is posting the documents and making

them public. You are striking a real blow for humanity and against the
appalling decline in our civil liberties and standards.

We have also proved that, as long as we have good people out there,
technology now makes it impossible for Western governments and political
establishments to bury the truth, no matter how much they control the
mainstream media."

And he attaches another document, this time one that is already in the public domain, but seems pertinant to what so many of us are posting.

It is not secret, and not new, but gives a valuable historical context to the relationship between
Uzbekistan and the West..
This from his weblog:

More old news

From the chatter on the web, it's clear that there are still a few diehard Bush/Blair supporters out there who believe this is about democracy and security.

I hate to disillusion such people, but everyone should be aware of this document:

(This was released with other Enron court documents. To anyone covering the Enron story, it meant very little. Now, however....)"

Craig Murray.

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