Tuesday, December 27, 2005

shocked! i'm so shocked by this news!

Student loan, health cuts won't offset tax cuts

What's that you say, taking cuts out of essential programs won't offset tax cuts to the rich people who don't need the tax cuts? Well, who knew fiscal mismanagement would cause problems? What a shocker!


t said...

The Bush administration doesn't care about the budget as long as rich friends get their fat tax cuts for as long as possible.
Until January 2009 and - in the administration's eyes - hopefully longer.

Chuck said...

This is part of my response to a comment with a different left opinion over at Nightbird's Fountain last night after some "back & forth" over my entry:

...The way forward is shaping up to be a narrow and forkless path in January 2009. My children and (potential) grandchildren are the UNWILLING owners of an unserviceable debt (federal deficit) that reached $7.38 TRILLION in October 2004. The Senate approved a new cap of $8.18 TRILLION in November 2004 at bush's request AND WE ARE CLOSING IN ON THAT AT RECORD SPEED!

He went into typical bush action immediately after the (s)election, without even attempting to curb spending. At best, he's a fiscally irresponsible (p)Resident. At worst, I could go on for a long time and I don't ever consider that I'm wasting energy on him.

A little strut here, a little smirk there, a lot of LIES everywhere. Our dear leader deserves all the bashing he gets and MUCH MORE! It's the least we should do...

Anonymous said...

Impeach Bush! Pass it on

t said...

Talk is that Condoleeza Rice is gaining support for a presidential run in 2008, hoping to get elected and continue her husband's policies (yes...she DID slip once and refer to Dubya as her "husband").
I hope she makes it to the general election because - unless the ballot boxes are rigged again - she would get hammered by just about anyone that would win the Democratic nomination.
And I'd love to see that.

shayera said...

Yeah, I saw a news article last week that said "Rice's popularity soars as Bush's plummets". Made me gag. It would be a very cynical ploy on the repukes part. They'd be saying "look how progressive we are, we're running a woman AND a minority, at the same time! And if you don't vote for her you're racist and misogynistic".
I remember when she slipped and called bushie her husband. ack!

Chuck said...

T is right. Any Democrat will hand her her head- evil eyes and all.