Saturday, December 17, 2005

so, you think we'll actually get an investigation?

Bush Acknowledges Approving Eavesdropping

He's just admitted to an illegal act. Spying on American citizens is against the law. So when do we start impeachment?


t said...

Or at least, I think this'll be at least as big as the Valerie Plame case. In my opinion, the Senate blocked the renewal of the Patriot Act because many are pissed off about the spying.
To quote Marc Rotenberg, law professor at Georgetown and executive director of the Electronic Security Information Center (a civil liberties group):
"The president has claimed an extraordinary power: the right to conduct surveillance without judicial review. He is in a place where no president has been before."
But no doubt with all this coming out into the open, Dubya is hitting the bottle extra hard this weekend.

If they don't investigate this, it'll be because by the time they come back from Christmas recess it won't be a front-page headline anymore. In fact, literally forgotten...except for us.
The short attention span of the American public in general is the only thing keeping this guy in power.

shayera said...

I'm pretty sure it's a high crime. I think I saw something this morning that siad Harry Reid's pushing for an investigation. And I'm pretty sure he won't let it drop.

Chuck said...

I say we start the impeachment. And I say that it should be a first step, but I have a contribution on my blog that argues against this. Some of the thoughts are sound reasoning, so...